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AirBroker - Dynamic Production Platform

With the newly developed Touristic Suite of our AirBroker platform we aim for tour operators with the demand of merging classical and dynamic production, as well as non-standard tour operators with special requirements besides simple prepackaging.​

Tour operators can manage their entire offer production chain for the dynamic packaging of package tours; from the administration of purchased touristic services e.g. flights (incl. ASR/SSR),  accommodations, destination services, rental cars, transfers, excursions, packages etc., through product management and calculation to cross incentory management of bookings and fulfilment.​


Distribution channel management supports all relevant B2C and B2B channels, including the systems of Peakwork or Traveltainment, if required. 

Supplier channel management integrates several product sources for flight, accomodation, car rental and other destination services, and may be combined with an internal contract management. 

The optional IBE, which can be adapted to the look and feel of the clients’ own corporate identity and thus seamlessly integrated into a website, offers the opportunity to expand the share of direct customer business. ​​




In addition, the multilingual system supports the administration of foreign currencies, making the use in an international environment even more easy.​

The solution can run completeley standalone or in parallel to an existing, classical packaging tour operator system.


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